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Church history

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April 3 & May 8, 1859

The First Universalist Church of New Madison was organized under the direction of Reverend Henry Gifford.

December 1859

Original 40 x 60 foot church completed.

The Reverend Thomas Sandor Guthrie D.D. delivered the first sermon.

Church Organization

New Church Construction Completed

August 11, 1901

Reverend Sarah Stoner dedicates the cornerstone. 

December 29, 1901

Reverend J.S. Cantwell D.D. gave the dedication sermon for the completed church.


Mary Goodyear and others from the women's Universalist group maintained the movement by meeting in homes and raising money to pay the insurance and other necessities.

Church Closed due to Great Depression

The church reopens but services were held at the school house under Reverends Evans and Gentile 

The chalice logo is adopted as a symbol of the church

Church Reopens and Renovations Begin

Handicap Ramp and Lighted Outdoor Sign Board Added

Lawn area southeast of the church converted into a parking lot and Paul Britner becomes minister of the church

Church history, images of the building and chalice logo were compiled by Reverend Wells Behee.  Reverend Behee has written an in depth history of The First Universalist Church of New Madison.
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